1. Q: What does BISJHINTUS have to offer?

   A: BISJHINTUS offers you online learning courses and also provides counseling for planning your career.


2. Q: How can I register or sign up for an account?

    A: Through our portal available on our website, you can sign up or register yourself.


3. Q: Can I use any device to access the content on your website?

     A: Yes, any device can be used to access our content through our website.


4. Q: How safe are my personal details on your website?

     A: With BISJHINTUS all your personal information is safe and hidden.


5. Q: How may your website assist me in choosing my course of study and career?

    A: BISJHINTUS provides you with the best teachers and counselors all over the country to provide you with the best quality education and counseling.


6. Q: Does your website have any interactive tools or features?

     A: Yes, our website does have interactive tools and features to offer.


7. Q: Are educational resources available for offline use?

     A: No, the educational resources are not available offline, but you can download them.


8. Q: Do you grant certifications or qualifications for finishing your website's courses or modules?

     A: Yes, you will be provided with a certificate after you are done with your course.


9. Q: How may I report mistakes or offer feedback regarding the information on your website?

     A: We have a separate section available on our website for your feedback, you can write your thoughts about us here.


10. Q: How well-trained are the counselors working there?

    A: Our counselors come from all over the country and each one of them is highly educated and trained.


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